Gary Weis was a regular contributor of short films on "Saturday Night Live" during its first three seasons.

This short film from 1975 uses Simon & Garfunkels soundtrack Homeward Bound to show travelers coming home to their families at Christmas.
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Date: 19 July 2008 13:40:03 IST
Subject: Had to try.....

I'm not sure if this will make its way to you or not Mr.Weis, but I had to try.....

I just want you to know that I have never forgotten the brilliant short that you did on SNL in the 70's of people meeting people at the airport set to Simon and Garfunkel's 'Homeward Bound'. I loved it sooooo much! I remember being struck by its universally relate able tenderness and how extremely touching it was - particularly that it was able to move me to tears in the middle of a comedy show! Over the years I have told many, many, many people about it and it still holds up as one of my all time favorite viewings - EVER.

That's all. I just wanted you to know how much your art affected me, and that I still think of it over 30 years later having only seen it once - because I think its important for artists to know these things.

I hope you are well.

Tracy T.